DEADLINE: 31st August 2023

General information for authors interested in submitting abstracts:

1. Each author can be presenter of a maximum of 2 abstract and must be regularly registered at the Congress;

2. The author submitting the contribution online will be responsible for informing the co-authors about the status of the abstract;

3. Abstracts cannot be submitted by fax, copy on hard-disk/pen-drives/cd/dvd or email;

4. No keywords required;

5. The name of the author who will submit the contribution must be underlined;

6. Accepted formats: : .doc(Word)/.docx(Word);

7. Language: English

8. Length: Maximum 250 words, excluding title, affiliations and contacts of the authors;

9. Character: Times Ne Roman Roman 12.

For any further information please contact: leonardo.visani@fclassevents.com